Here is a list of some of the tools and resources that have been valuable to me. I hope you find some of them useful!


By far, EdX is my favorite educational resource. The courses are grouped into programs that take you from coding basics to completing projects quickly and effectively. They have video lectures with supplemental written portions. Every lecture I have seen is subtitled with the transcript of the course on the right, which is great for auditory and visual learners. I cannot recommend EdX highly enough.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a great community of experienced and new programmers. Any question will often be answered in great detail, if it hasn’t been answered already. When I say “any question”, I mean it. You can find information on programming languages, development tools, even your favorite RPGs!


SoloLearn produces mobile apps that can teach basic concepts and some syntax. I do not think that using SoloLearn would be enough to teach you everything you may need to know, but it is great for the learner on the go.


FreeCodeCamp is a great step by step teaching site. There are no videos; and while that may be a deal breaker for some, I have found FreeCodeCamp to be an excellent resource. The fact the the founder of the 100 Days of Code challenge started out on FreeCodeCamp is a plus. It also gives you a way to track your progress that outstrips EdX, and gives you a public profile that you can share with peers or potential employers!