I am excited to present the first blog on my own personal domain! I would like to begin by talking about what led me onto this path.

Last year my wife left her job to train to become a web developer. She had become tired of working in a call center and wanted to work in a career that was challenging, exciting, and rewarding. She did her coursework as I looked over her shoulder and I found myself thinking about how much fun I had creating VBA modules, and how much I looked forward to the new challenges that they would bring. I rejoiced with her as she figured out how to code the projects for her class and brought her tea as she looked for missing parentheses. My wife saw my interest and asked if I might want to change careers and become a web developer or a programmer and the seed was planted.

I have enjoyed the process of making things ever since my first real project in a woodworking class in middle school. My first introduction to coding was on a graphing calculator, creating a  tool to automatically calculate left and right hand area problems. Since then I have learned how to automate a few processes using VBA and Google Script and I have taken a few courses on Python. I am currently taking a Java course and intend to continue taking online courses in an effort to start a career doing what I love, creating tools that help people be more efficient.

The past is a guidepost, not a hitching post.

L. Thomas Holdcraft

I am a developer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have experience in VBA and Python and am always learning more languages and tools to help me progress as a developer. I enjoy tea, brie, and D and D.

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